Apophysis Star Tutorial

Apophysis Star Tutorial

Learn how to make stars in Apophysis with this simple tutorial. This Apophysis star tutorial will show you how to make stars simply in Apophysis. Creating stars was one of the first things I learnt and now you can learn how to make Apophysis stars too.

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Step 1

Open up Editor (F4) and click on New blank flame.

Blank New Flame

Step 2

The variations you need to put in for transform 1 are: Linear: 0 and radial_blur: 0.45

Radial Blur

Step 3

Now it’s time to add in the transforms and to do this, click on the green plus sign with the triangle (next to the new blank flame button) to add a new triangle.

Step 4

On transform 2 keep Linear:1 and change Julian:1


Step 5

Now we will move transform 2. To do this, click on Triangle, then click twice on the up arrow and twice on the left arrow.

Triangle Move


Apophysis Star Tutorial - Final Star