Apophysis Julian Rings Tutorial

Want to create Julian rings in Apophysis? This tutorial will show you how to make julian rings in Apophysis.

Step 1

Open up Editor (F4) and click on new blank flame

New Flame

Step 2

Now you will have only a red triangle, this is transform 1. The variations for transform 1 are: Linear:0 and Julian:1


Step 3

variables tab and change: julian_power:6500

Julian Power

Step 4

Add a new triangle, to do this, click on the green plus sign as shown below

New Flame

Step 5

On the variations tab for triangle 2, do the following: Linear:0 and Rings2:1 Now go to the Variables tab and change rings2_val to -1

You should now have this

Round Result

Step 6

To get the rings look, still on transform 2 go to the triangle tab. On this tab click on right arrow 4 times

Triangle Move

Step 7

Now change the colour to what ever you wish and then zoom in to: 1.515

Colour Change

This is the basic Julian rings! To learn how to give it more of an effect, read below!

A fuller look

Go back to transform 1 (the red triangle) and add in: Sinusoidal:0.005

Fuller Look

Crazy/Messy look

To give the Julian rings a messy look, go to transform 2 and click on the triangle tab, then click 2 times on the right arrow and then once on the rotate triangle counter clockwise

Messy Julian

Tunnel effect

To get a tunnel effect, on transform 2, go to the variables tab and change ring2_val from -1 to 0. Now go to the triangle tab and click 4 times on the left arrow

Tunnel Effect