Apophysis Julian Rings Tutorial

Apophysis Julian Rings Tutorial

In this Apophysis julian rings tutorial you will learn how to create beautiful and colourful julian ring effect. Start off with learning the basics and then get creative with what you have learn to create a lovely piece of fractal art and don’t forget to play around with the colours!

You can download my Julian rings flame pack that contains 6 different flame parameters that you can enter into Apophysis and use to either learn from or adapt to create your own julian rings fractal.

Apophysis julian rings tutorial

Step 1

Open up Editor (F4) and click on new blank flame

New Flame

Step 2

Now you will have only a red triangle, this is transform 1. The variations for transform 1 are: Linear:0 and Julian:1


Step 3

variables tab and change: julian_power:6500

Julian Power

Step 4

Add a new triangle, to do this, click on the green plus sign as shown below

New Flame

Step 5

On the variations tab for triangle 2, do the following: Linear:0 and Rings2:1 Now go to the Variables tab and change rings2_val to -1

You should now have this

Round Result

Step 6

To get the rings look, still on transform 2 go to the triangle tab. On this tab click on right arrow 4 times

Triangle Move

Step 7

Now change the colour to what ever you wish and then zoom in to: 1.515

Colour Change

This is the basic Julian rings! To learn how to give it more of an effect, read below!

A fuller look

Go back to transform 1 (the red triangle) and add in: Sinusoidal:0.005

Fuller Look

Crazy/Messy look

To give the Julian rings a messy look, go to transform 2 and click on the triangle tab, then click 2 times on the right arrow and then once on the rotate triangle counter clockwise

Messy Julian

Tunnel effect

To get a tunnel effect, on transform 2, go to the variables tab and change ring2_val from -1 to 0. Now go to the triangle tab and click 4 times on the left arrow

Tunnel Effect