Apophysis Variations & Plugins

Apophysis Variations & Plugins

Learn about Apophysis variations and plugins. The variations & plugins explained in this tutorial are: Bipolar- Zcone – Oscilloscope – Ngon – Final transform.

Step 1

Open up Editor (F4) and click on New blank flame.

New Flame

Step 2

Now it’s time to add in the transforms and to do this, click on the green plus sign with the triangle (next to the new blank flame button) to add a new triangle.

Step 3

On transform 1 change: Linear: 0 and Pre_blur: 1 then Julia3D: 1

Feel free to change the colour of the it and to change the Pitch so you can see the 3Dness!! I did my Pitch at 60.

Step 4

Add transform, on this transform change: Linear to 0 and Bubble: 0.5

You should now have something that looks like this


Step 5

Add transform, on this transform change: Linear: 0 and Julia3D: 1

On the Variables tab, change Julia3D: -2

Step 6

Now its time to move things around, go to the Triangle tab for transform 3 and do the following:

Click the Right Triangle 6 times

Click the small Triangle 2 times

Triangle Movement

You will now have this

Plugin Result

Step 7

Now that you have made the basic Julian fractal, we will see what some of the plugins and other variations do to the fractal.

I have chosen these variations and plugins to use as I enjoy experimenting with using them.



Go back to transform 2 and add 0.05 to Bipolar. As you will see this will create a split in the middle of the bubble.



To get this look:ngon_sides: 10 :: ngon_power: 2 :: ngon_circle: 1 :: ngon_corners :10



On transform 2 enter in 0.07 into Oscilloscope. To get the effect change the Variables of Oscilloscope.

Final Transform

The final transform button is a brilliant thing! This can really make a fractal look different and it’s always fun to play with. To enable the final transform click on the FX button shown below.


This is add a white triangle, now its time to add effects!. On the variations tab enter in the following: Linear: 0 :: Julia3D:1

On the variables tab enter this in:

Julia3D_power: 4

This will create a dome like effect. Changing the Julia3D_power can make a big difference to this, have a play around!.

Final Result

Final Image

These are other fractals that I have created from this tutorial, have fun!

Other Results