Apophysis Julian Tutorial

Apophysis Julian Tutorial

Simple Apophysis julian tutorial on how to create the Julian effect. This tutorial works in Apophysis 2.09 & 3D.

Step 1

Start with a blank new flame and on the Variations tab, change linear to 0 and add 0.5 to Julian. This will create a simple circle.

Apophysis Julian transform 1

Step 2

Add another transform, the button to do this is next to the blank new flame button.Change the Linear to 2.677. Below is the results you should now have.

Julian transform 2

Step 3

Add the final transform and change the Linear to 0 and Julian to 0.5. Click on the Variable tab and change Julian_power to 10. You will notice that more circles have been formed.

Julian power

Julian transform 3

Step 4

Now it to make patterns with the circles. Click on the Triangle tab and on the right arrow 4 times. You will now see a Julian effect like below.

Apophysis right arrow

Julian pattern

Step 5

It’s now time to change the colour. Click on the colour tab and using the slider you can change the colour of the transform you are on. Change the colour of each transform to what ever colour you wish.

Apophysis Julian colours

After changing the colours below is the results I got.

Apophysis Julian results

I hope you have found this Apophysis tutorial helpful.