Apophysis Flower Tutorial

Apophysis Flower Tutorial

This is a basic tutorial on how to make a basic flower in Apophysis. Follow this Apophysis flower tutorial step by step to learn how to make simple flowers.

Step 1

Open the Editor (F4) and click on New Blank Flame.

Apophysis Flower Tutorial

Step 2

On Transform 1 Change Linear to 0 and set Blob to 0.5.

Apophysis Tutorial Blob

Step 3

Add a new transform and on transform 2 change Linear to 2.677

Step 4

Add a third transform and change Linear to 0 and set Julian to 0.5.


On the variables tab you can change julian_power and Julian_dist for different effects shapes, (julian_power=6, julian_dist=-1) for example. Trying playing around with the weight and moving the transforms to get different effects.

Apophysis Flower Tutorial