Apophysis 3D Tutorial

Apophysis 3D Tutorial

Learn how to make a 3D effect in this Apophysis 3D tutorial.

Download the Plugins for this tutorial here

I have noticed that when you include the Plugins, Apophysis refuses to open due to issues with some of the Plugins. I only took the Plugins that are need for this tutorial which are Hexes and Bipolar. You will need to include these in a Folder called Plugins3D in order for this tutorial to work.

Step 1

We will need to start with a blank transform, to do this click on Blank New Frame (F4).

Step 2

On the first transform, enter in these variations:

Linear3D: 0
Bubble: 0.5

3D Bubble

To add the effects from the plugins add in:
Hexes: 0.05

3D Plugin Effects

Step 3

Add a new transform and enter in these:


Then click on the variables tab and change Julia3Dz_power to: -2

3D Apophysis Julia Power

Step 4

Still having the second transform selected, click on the Triangle tab and click on the right arrow 6 times.

3D Apophysis Triangle Move


Play around with the colours for each transform to get the look you want.

Apophysis 3D Tutorial