Apophysis Variations & Plugins

Apophysis Variations and Plugins

Learn about Apophysis variations and plugins. The variations & plugins explained in this tutorial are: Bipolar- Zcone – Oscilloscope – Ngon – Final transform.

Step 1

Open up Editor (F4) and click on New blank flame.

New Flame

Step 2

Now it’s time to add in the transforms and to do this, click on the green plus sign with the triangle (next to the new blank flame button) to add a new triangle.

Step 3

On transform 1 change: Linear: 0 and Pre_blur: 1 then Julia3D: 1

Feel free to change the colour of the it and to change the Pitch so you can see the 3Dness!! I did my Pitch at 60.

Step 4

Add transform, on this transform change: Linear to 0 and Bubble: 0.5

You should now have something that looks like this


Step 5

Add transform, on this transform change: Linear: 0 and Julia3D: 1

On the Variables tab, change Julia3D: -2

Step 6

Now its time to move things around, go to the Triangle tab for transform 3 and do the following:

Click the Right Triangle 6 times

Click the small Triangle 2 times

Triangle Movement

You will now have this

Plugin Result

Step 7

Now that you have made the basic Julian fractal, we will see what some of the plugins and other variations do to the fractal.

I have chosen these variations and plugins to use as I enjoy experimenting with using them.



Go back to transform 2 and add 0.05 to Bipolar. As you will see this will create a split in the middle of the bubble.



To get this look:ngon_sides: 10 :: ngon_power: 2 :: ngon_circle: 1 :: ngon_corners :10



On transform 2 enter in 0.07 into Oscilloscope. To get the effect change the Variables of Oscilloscope.

Final Transform

The final transform button is a brilliant thing! This can really make a fractal look different and it’s always fun to play with. To enable the final transform click on the FX button shown below.


This is add a white triangle, now its time to add effects!. On the variations tab enter in the following: Linear: 0 :: Julia3D:1

On the variables tab enter this in:

Julia3D_power: 4

This will create a dome like effect. Changing the Julia3D_power can make a big difference to this, have a play around!.

Final Result

Final Image

These are other fractals that I have created from this tutorial, have fun!

Other Results

  • Martha I.G.

    Thank you for sharing this and the other most useful tutorials.
    I am finishing a draft for a “Manual or Guide” for Apophysis beginners explaining some basics about the variations and variables tabs and will include links to resources and plugins by other deviantART fractal artists’
    Would you mind if I add your dA ID ?
    I am “marthig” at dA (very original to pick my www identities 🙂 )
    Many thanks again.
    Martha – devmarthig

    • Hiya, feel free to include my deviantart ID, I hope more people will find my work useful 🙂

  • Martha I.G.

    Thank you so much for responding. I will note you with a link when I finish it. I expect to have it finished by the end of September or earlier.
    I am sure they do, I was familiar with your xxmandypandyxx id through some works based in some of your tutorials and or plugins 😀
    Martha – marthig at dA

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    Hi. Thank you for this great post 🙂 I found what I’m looking for through your website. Also I’m a graphic and animation designer.

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