Apophysis Flame Packs

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Download each pack and learn from them or play around to see what you can create. Download these Apophysis flame packs today and adapt each flame to see what you can create! Feel free to comment or email me with what you have created, I would love to see it. Please do not upload any of these fractals as your own. You are welcome to download and play around with these fractals and upload any creations you have made from them.

Download these Apophysis flame packs

Please view this freebie on a computer to download!

  • Levitra

    Your resource is really great. Keep posting that way.

  • Draygan

    Awesome job on the site. Thanks for the resources =)

  • piros

    hi, please tell me where i copy these? Which subfolder? in Apophysis
    thank u so much <3

    • When you download the flame pack, open up the notepad file and copy the flame parameters. Then in Apophysis simply paste (Ctrl + V) or (Cmd + V) and the flame will then render 🙂

      Hope this helps you.

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